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Clay model of Minibeasts

After that the students painted their minibeast. Later they drew a picture of their minibeasts habitat and made a list of materials they would need to make this habitat come alive through a diorama.

Today your child will be bringing home this list and I would greatly appreciate your assistance with their diorama, You can help by

  • Discussing what your child would like their habitat to look like.
  • Helping to collect the material they require(this may include a box for their diorama, leaves, grass,sticks etc) and if necessary – adding to their list of materials.

Students need to bring the materials they require for their diorama by Monday 22nd May

Thanks for your support

Mrs Phillips.


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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to 1/2 PH blog

Term 2 Excursion

We had an exciting and informative trip to the Melbourne Museum. Last week we had the opportunity to roam around the Museum exhibitions and explore the interactive parts of each area. We also went to IMAX to watch a movie ‘Bugs: Mighty Micro Monsters 3D’ to support our Inquiry learning.

Two things I learnt at the Melbourne Museum are

  1. Insects have three body parts, six legs and two antennas
  2. Bugs(Arachnid) have two body parts and eight legs.                                                                                                                                              by Vanessa Woodley

My awesome trip to the Melbourne Museum

When I got off the bus all of us walked down to the Museum. Then we had snack outside the museum undercover as it was raining. After that we went into the museum for a Dinosaur walk. We walked among skeletons of prehistoric animals. Next we went to the Bugs Alive! gallery. We saw live insects and explored over 100 types of bugs and spiders. Later it was time for the Bugs, bugs, bugs show. It was great! I learnt what is a bug and what is an insect and how is a spider different to an insect.Finally we watched the 3D movie.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  by Nicolyn Gonsalves

Minibeast Diorama

In Art this term, the 1/2 PH students are working on a minibeast diorama.

First each student chose the minibeast they would like to explain. They then made a plan which included a detailed drawing of their minibeast, labelled body parts and a colour scheme.

Next it was time to create their minibeast. The students used clay to make and connect all the body parts of their creature.



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