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Road Safety

                                                                      Road Safety Incursion

On Wednesday the 21st of February Nicky from RACV came to visit our school to teach us about road safety.

First, we went to 1 /2 PS classroom. She showed us different pictures of different vehicles.

Next, Nicky taught us about the school crossing. At the crossing you would see a crossing guard, the road, red and white post, flag, stop sign and you would hear a whistle.

After that, we got to hear some traffic sounds  and we had to guess.

Finally, Nicky showed us how to stop, look, listen and think. You need to this before you cross the road.

I had a fun time at the incursion and I learnt how to cross the road  safely.





This week we got to play with the Bee Bots. We had to program them to move. We used even  maps and recorded our commands.

Take a look…









On Friday 2nd of February we had St John’s Ambulance incursion. Neil came to teach us how to be safe.

First, he taught us what an emergency is.

Next, he showed us some dangerous things in our house.

After that, he told us what to do in an emergency.

Finally, I had fun learning how to ask for help in an emergency.


Here are some clips about rules: